A New Chapter: My Move to Baltimore

I’ve been largely inactive on this blog for a little over two years now, but now that I’ve graduated and have gained some clarity through some of my experiences, I think I’m ready to revamp my blog a little. I’m still not sure what the purpose or theme of this blog will be, other than a space for me to paste some thoughts and sometimes pretty pictures. It will likely be a mixture of:


  • Yoga posts– I’m really trying to solidify a consistent home practice now that I’ve moved and have a pretty structured full-time work schedule.
  • Food– Sam and I are avid foodies, and have a running list of restaurants we would love to try out in Baltimore (and other places too!). I also am (trying) to transition to a mostly raw and vegetarian diet.
  • Fashion/Lifestyle– Since I was last active on this blog, I’ve become more interested in things like design (expect lots of home posts since we just moved!!), and even a little bit of fashion.
  • Beauty– I’ll always love makeup and skincare, but lately I’ve really been trying a more holistic approach to self-love that is super day-by-day, so look out for some posts on how my beauty routine goes!


I’m not sure about the direction of this blog, and while yoga is definitely still really important to me and an everyday part of my life, I do have a lot going on at this stage that I would love a space to share! I also want to establish a schedule for myself so I can really stick with blogging. Sometimes I feel like blogging can be misconstrued as something vain or preachy, and I really don’t want it to be like that, I mostly just want to be able to create a little space that really embodies who I am. I hope you enjoy my little ramblings as much as I like writing them!


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