Current Snack Crushes

We need to talk about something important: snacks.

I am an avid snacker, and almost religiously have a morning and afternoon snack. Sam and I have a designated snack cabinet that practically avalanches onto you when you open it, but somehow also always need replenishing (he’s also an avid snacker). Sometimes I want a sweet snack, sometimes I want a salty snack. And sometimes, I’m not sure what snack I want. So lucky for you, I’ve compiled a list of my 10 current favorite snacks– five sweet, five salty. They’re a mix of healthy and unhealthy (sometimes you just need the Nacho Cheese Doritos, okay?), so there’s choices for most palettes. Here’s part two of this post: I need new snack ideas constantly, so in the comments section I would love snack suggestions!


  1. Sweet Cajun Trail Mix– This stuff is ridiculous. It’s sweet, it’s salty, and it’s just the tiiiiniest bit spicy. It has toffee peanuts, spicy peanuts, roasted corn kernels, and sesame sticks in it. It’s definitely not amazing for you, but there’s nuts in it so it’s not that bad, right?
  2. Pizza Pringles– I want to apologize to anyone who thought I would be a good dietary influence, because I LOVE pizza flavored Pringles. These are amazing and I have no shame admitting I usually eat these in 1-3 sittings.
  3. Annie’s White Cheddar Bunnies– I’m 5 years old at heart, so I love cheese crackers, especially if they’re bunny shaped. These make me feel a little better than eating Cheez Its or Goldfish, and they come in Cheddar and White Cheddar (White Cheddar for life).
  4. Hummus and Guacamole- Okay okay, I know this is two things but I’ll sum it up with: healthy spreads. Both of these are packed with healthy fats. I love them with pita chips and tortilla chips.
  5. Biena Rockin’ Ranch Roasted Chickpeas– These are sooooo yummy. They’re super crunchy and ranchy, and give me the flavor and carby-ness of chips, without being chips. I’d say these are semi-healthy: they have protein, they have fiber.


  1. Handful of Everything Trail Mix– Starting out the sweet section with another trail mix. This is full of dried fruit (the dried pineapple is my favorite), coconut, choco chips, and yogurt covered peanuts. It’s a great sweet alternative to say, a Twix bar.
  2. Crunchy Coconut Vanilla Granola Bites– These are another semi-healthy snack (they were developed by a nutritionist) that I’ve been really into recently. I like that a serving is 12 of these little guys, and the flavors are subtle but really nice. Plus, these are vegan friendly!!
  3. Sahale Honey Glazed Almond Mix– I know, another trail mix. This is more like dessert though I swear! It’s honey, almonds, and dried cranberries covered in a crunchy, salty-sweet honeycomb mix. So good.
  4. Berger Cookies– If you’re not from Maryland, you may not know what a Berger cookie is. Hint: It’s not healthy, but it’s delicious. It’s a soft cake-like cookie slathered with a generous layer of chocolate fudge. If you’re living in Maryland and haven’t had one, you’ve got to try one ASAP.
  5. Bananas- I don’t know, I’m having a moment with slightly green bananas. I tend to like them more than yellow bananas because they aren’t as mushy. Fun fact: green bananas have more fiber and less sugar than yellow bananas! Sorry for the cop out with this one, I know it’s not a fancy snack… but they’re good!

There you have it, my official list of go-to snacks… at the moment. I have a pretty good spread of healthy and unhealthy snacks, and I try to match them up with what I’ve eaten earlier in the day (like, if I have pizza for lunch, my snack will be a banana instead of pizza Pringles) Hopefully this gave you some snackspiration, and don’t forget to leave me some more snack ideas in the comments!

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