January Favorites

It seems like 2018 just began, and yet here we are at the end of January!

For me, January can be rough. As someone who loves the sun and loves to warm weather (why else would I routinely go to yoga classes in 95 degree rooms?), the lack of sunshine and warmth in January can really throw off my mojo. So, I thought I would write up a little roundup of some things that have been getting me through this gloomy month. I’ve been very into my yoga practice this month, so there are some yoga favorites, as well as the usual beauty favorites!

Yoga Favorites

As a general note, this month I have recommitted to my practice and have definitely been feeling the benefits. I try to get on my mat every single day, even if it’s just 10 minutes to stretch out. Sometimes with the gloomy, cold weather this is difficult, but with a little help from these, committing to my daily practice has been easy!

My first favorite of January has got to be essential oils and essential oil blends. Once I learn a bit more and explore aromatherapy a bit more, I’ll make a full post on my essential oils, but for now– here are some favorites.

The essential oils I’m using right now are from AuraCacia. These oils are affordable for essential oils, certified organic, and not tested on animals. AuraCacia is my favorite brand of oils right now. My favorites right now are Lemon and Sweet Orange. I mix these together in my oil diffuser and it leaves the whole apartment feeling fresh, bright, and uplifted! I use other oils for headaches, congestion, etc– but these are my favorites for my yoga practice.

Please note: I am VERY careful with my essential oils around the little cat, as essential oils can be harmful to fur babies. 

I also love the Aveda Chakra 6 Body Mist. I like to spray this on and around my mat when I practice. I find that it makes my practice a little more relaxing and special. I also sometimes use this spray around our bed before we go to sleep. It is worth noting that I have also used the Aveda Chakra 7 Body Mist, and actually like that one better in terms of the smell. Aveda’s products are also natural and cruelty free.

The last of my yoga-related favorites for January is this mala I got! For those who are unfamiliar with mala, they are sacred beads (usually there are 108 on the mala) that help to further the intention of your practice. This is the first mala that I have ever purchased for myself– all my others have been given to me by people who are dear to me.

The beads on this mala are peach moonstone. I purchased this mala at my local yoga studio, but it is from Atma’s Offerings. The description of this mala says “Opens the heart & mind. Sothes, calms, and uplifts. Reminds us of the majesty & mystery of life. Strengthens intuition & connection to the Divine. Helps with sleeping deeply.” I bought this mala a few months ago when I was feeling in a rut and was having trouble sleeping due to work-related stress. I wear the mala on days when I’m feeling bogged down, and wrap it around my wrist during my practice. It helps to remind me that the universe works in waves, and for every down there is an even greater up. If you want a post on my mala collection, let me know!

Skincare Favorites

Skincare in winter is important. In January and February, a particularly cold day in Baltimore can best be described as a slap in the face. The weather is cold, dry, and windy. I already have very dry skin, so if I don’t keep my skin properly nourished I will look like I’m 75 when I turn 30. These have been my winter go-tos, particularly at night– this is when your skin regenerates and heals itself.  I have talked about most of these before, so their descriptions will be pretty short. I’ll share them in the order I use them.

Mario Badescu Rosewater Facial Spray: I’ve talked about this product before, but it’s great as a gentle toner, a setting spray, or as a mid-day moisture refreshing spray. It also smells great. $7-12 (multiple sizes).

Kiehl’s Midnight Recovery Concentrate: If you’ve been reading my blong, you know by now that this is my #1 skincare product. Saves my skin overnight, helps me sleep better, worth EVERY penny. $46-$122 (multiple sizes).

Kiehl’s Creamy Eye Treatment with Avocado: A great eye cream that nourishes the delicate skin around the eye. I also love this product because it doesn’t transfer into the eyes or cause irritation. $29-48 (multiple sizes).

Origins High Potency Night-A-Mins: Great replenishing night cream. Works really well and lasts well for the price. $44.

Origins Drink Up Overnight Mask: Love this dual usage product. It can be a moisturizer or a mask. It smells amazing and works wonderfully. $27.

Beauty Favorites

I haven’t really been doing full glam on a daily basis, but there are some standout beauty products for January that I have to share!

Although I’m not really “doing” foundation regularly anymore, I do occasionally wear foundation. In winter, I have to change up my foundations to be a bit more hydrating. These are my two favorites at the moment for a a glowy, even complexion.

Nars Sheer Glow: This foundation is a cult favorite that leaves a perfected complexion with undetectable coverage. I wear the shade 04 (Deauville). It is really expensive, so an alternative product for this one is L’Oreal Infallible Pro Glow (which is $12.99, but the shade range is pretty dismal in comparison to Sheer Glow). $47. 

BareMinerals BarePro: This is a foundation that is fairly matte, but has great staying power and a natural-skin finish. It also comes in 30 shades! I wear the shade 04 (Aspen). $37.

Jo Malone Pomegranate Noir: This has become my go-to winter fragrance. My all-time favorite Jo Malone gragrance is English Pear and Freesia, but I find that one doesn’t suit winter as well. In winter, I love Pomegranate Noir. It’s fruity, but not in a sugary-sweet overwhelming way. It is a rich fruity scent with a hint of floral and woody. It’s a great holiday scent that works well into winter without being too holiday. $65-135 (multiple sizes).

Miscellaneous Favorites

I wanted to throw in a couple miscellaneous favorites that have been keeping me feeling cozy and warm this winter!

Our new bed! My parents were kind enough to gift Sam and I a California King for Christmas, which has been such a blessing!! There is plenty of space for Sam (who is 6′ 4″) to stretch out, and plenty of space for me to be a bed hog without affecting him! Also, Z obviously loves it too and snuggles up at our pillows so she can look out the window at night.

My Aquarius constellation necklace. Sam got this for me for Christmas and I love it!! It came in an adorable little set with matching stud earrings. It is significant to me because both Sam and I are Aquarians, so it was a really special gift to receive. It is so dainty and lovely, which makes it perfect for everyday wear or as a dainty accessory for a special occasion.

My slippy sloppies. That’s my nickname for these wonderful things. They’re my UGG Cozy II Slippers. My parents got me these babies for Christmas, and I’m telling you… If I’m at home, I’m usually wearing these. They are SO comfortable, but don’t make my feet overheat. There’s only one catch with these– they are only sold in kids sizes. Fortunately, I can wear kids sizes, but if you can’t, some alternate styles are the Coquette and Scuffette II styles.


So there you have it, my January favorites! I’ve definitely been feeling the cozy winter vibes, as you can tell by some of my favorites, but have also been loving getting back into a routine with my practice!

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