Why I’ve Stopped Wearing Foundation

Over the past few months, I have undergone a major shift in how I see and treat my skin. At the beginning of November when the weather started to get REALLY cold and REALLY dry, my skin totally freaked out. It was dry and cracked, and because of this overproduced oils and broke me out. I knew that the only solution was to stop wearing foundation for a few days so I could let my skin rehydrate and balance itself. So even though I was super self conscious about my skin, and my coworkers seeing my bare face, I just let it go and went without foundation. It took about a week for my skin to get back to its normal texture, but I just kind of decided that I was over foundation.

I think it’s important to mention that I have dry, sensitive skin that is NOT acne prone. I have never really struggling with acne or scarring, and most of the blemishes on my face are hormonal. However, I do have extremely dark under eye circles that I almost ALWAYS have, no matter how much water I drink, eye cream I use, etc. Keep these things in mind as you read this post, as your skin may be different from mine.

I mentioned this in my New Year; Better Me post, but by the time January rolled around, I was wearing foundation less and less. Instead, I shifted my focus to a diligent and methodical skincare routine. And as a result, I have started to love my skin more and more (not to mention I save money and time wearing less makeup). I do still wear eye makeup, and occasionally I’ll pop on bronzer or blush, but I have almost completely cut foundation out of my life (aside from special occasions). The benefits have been so surprising and rewarding to me. Here are some of the major things I have noticed:

1. My skin texture has improved. I suffer from hormonal acne, and a lot of the time this includes a lot of texture. Specifically, little bumps all over my chin. And as someone who LOVES to pick at their face, these little bumps are way too tempting to me. Since I stopped wearing foundation, I would say the texture on my skin is 80% gone.

2. My skin is more even in tone. I don’t get a lot of redness in my skin regularly, but I do get hyperpigmentation, scarring, and sallow, dark skin. This has all changed during this process. I always thought it was bullshit when people said they wake up glowing, but I genuinely feel like I wake up with glowy, even skin (ok realistically this happens like 4 days a week but that’s amazing in my book). And YES, my under eye circles have improved (they’ll never be gone)!!

3. My skin retains hydration. Of all the benefits I have experienced from not wearing foundation, this is easily the #1. When I wore foundation every day, by the end of the day my skin literally felt TERRIBLE. It felt dry, itchy, and kind of like if I moved my face too much it might crack. I don’t wear matte foundations either, my skin is just THAT dry. Now, by the end of the day my skin feels supple and smooth, and not like the desert.

4. It takes me less time and money to get ready and unready. This is one that is not a physical benefit per se, but it a huge plus nonetheless. Usually it would take me about 20 minutes to do my skincare and makeup from start to finish, now it takes me 10. That means I get 10 more minutes of sleep every day. In addition, I don’t have to spend money on foundation, and I don’t use nearly as much makeup remover. Major pluses when you have student loans.

5. I have almost no acne. When I regularly wore a full face of makeup, I would often have 3-5 small blemishes on my face. Now, I have zero. Aside from the obligatory hormonal blemish I ALWAYS get on my chin when I have my period, I have practically no acne.

6. I am so much more confident in my skin. Ok I lied, THIS is the #1 benefit. When I made the decision to stop wearing foundation, I was SO self conscious. I felt like everyone was looking at my skin, and that my blemishes were so obvious. However, I see now that it was exactly what my skin needed to heal and even out.

A few months ago, I never would’ve gone out to a restaurant, or to work, with no foundation on. Now, it’s no biggie. It has been so amazing to just live my life and not be concerned about my foundation breaking up or looking dry. I know this is not a reality for everyone, but I STRONGLY encourage you to try skipping your foundation every once in a while. I really also recommend having at least one or two days a week where you wear absolutely no makeup and just let your skin breathe. Trust me, it’ll thank you!

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