My Spring Reset Plan

Even though it is not officially spring yet, I’m gearing up for warmer weather. Personally, I kind of go into hibernation throughout winter. Although I do still try to exercise, I generally am in heavier spirits in winter than I am the rest of the year, so when spring rolls around I “shake off” that heaviness and get myself back into a lighter routine. This means my diet changes a little, I switch up my workouts, and I make a few changes to my everyday schedule.

Diet Changes

I want to note really quickly that although my diet changes in spring and summer, I don’t eat any less– just differently. In spring and summer, I definitely tend to be more inclined to eat cold foods. In winter I get really weird about having a warm meal for every meal, but in summer I can forgo that because it’s not so terrible outside. So summer means more wraps and salads, and less hearty, carby meals (but ALWAYS mac and cheese). I also generally try to eat seasonal foods, which switches up my routine a bit.

As far as my meal plan is concerned, I generally will eat the same types of foods for breakfast. Lunch is where I diverge from my winter diet. In winter I basically HAVE to have something hot for lunch or I do not feel full– In summer I can have salad or a sandwich and be fine. I’m not sure if anyone else experiences this issue. And then for dinner again, I try to choose seasonal foods.

Workout Changes

This is probably the most exciting part of the changes in my lifestyle in spring. Instead of dragging myself to exercise classes in the dark, or only being able to run outside on weekends (due to the short days), I can go back to doing outdoor workouts after work AND on the weekends! I definitely tend to exercise more in summer just because of the weather, and I know I’m definitely not alone in that!

I will still be attending my four yoga classes a week, but will switch out BBG (an at-home HIIT workout program) for outdoor exercise like hiking, running, and interval stuff at my local park. I hope Sam is ready to get dragged along :).

Lifestyle Changes

I have spoken before about how I struggle with my mental health in the colder months, so it should come as no surprise that when spring rolls around I feel completely renewed. I do exercise more in the warmer months, but I’m also much more inclined to go out and do things– whether it’s a night out, or a day out in Hampden or Fells, I am so much more willing to be out and about when it’s nice out!

Another thing that happens to me is that I wake up earlier. I am definitely a “rise with the sun” type, so my body clock wakes me up naturally around 7:00am, rather than 9:00 as it does in winter. This allows me to get more done in the mornings and really feel productive about my day.

The last thing is I usually will start to wear less makeup. The hotter it gets, the less makeup I’m wearing. I say usually because I’m already kind of wearing minimal makeup (for more, check out my Why I’ve Stopped Wearing Foundation post), so I may not do that this year, but yeah! That generally tends to happen.


There you have it, the changes I usually make when spring rolls around. Some of these are natural changes (like waking up earlier), but others are conscious changes I make in order to really get the most of the kinder seasons (going outside more, eating seasonal food). What changes do you make when it gets nice out? Leave a comment and let me know!

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