My Current Workout Regimen

If you remember reading my Adulthood and Exercise post, you’ll remember that I was struggling to find time to exercise when I started working full time. Then, in my New Year; Better Me post, I talked about finding consistency in my exercise regimen in 2018, specifically my yoga practice. I thought I would just write this post as a sort of “3-Month Update” and talk about the changes that I’ve made and how I’m feeling. I’m thinking I might do these every so often for my own personal reflection, and also for those of you who are curious!

If you don’t like posts about exercise, or are triggered by that sort of thing, this is probably not the post for you. If you’re interested in beauty content, you can click here for JUST beauty-related posts.


Right now, my exercise regimen consists of:

Yoga. This should come as no surprise– as the title of this blog suggests, I love me some yoga! My goal at the beginning of 2018 was to find more consistency in yoga practice, and the past three months has enabled me to do so. Aside from when I did my teacher training in 2015, I think this is the most consistent my practice has been in the 7 years that I have been practicing yoga.

Right now I’m attending 3 or 4 classes a week, and starting every morning with a 10-minute stretch before I hop in the shower. I usually make it to at least two 1 hour classes a week, and then I try to fit in two 90 minute classes a week, but these are a little more difficult. I take one class a week that is not heated and moves slower (and am somehow most sore form this one), and then the others are heated.

As far as my home practice, it is on hold for now as I am adjusting to having 2 jobs at the moment. However, as I mentioned, I have been stretching every morning for about 10 minutes. This really helps to wake me up and get me ready for the day. I am really happy with my current consistent practice, which is made possible by the yoga studio being equidistant from my job and my home.

Running. I think a better way to describe my “running” would be shuffling. I run REALLY slowly and struggle most of the run (asthma/my muscles have always struggled to run), but Sam and I have just committed to going for one run a week. I know that may not sound like a lot to some people, but I go to yoga 3 or 4 times a week, walk to work, AND go to pilates once or twice a week, so I think this is reasonable. I mainly just need some full body cardio in my routine.

Yoga works as cardio for me since I do vinyasa, but it’s not quite the same as a classic old run. When the weather gets nicer,  I am looking to up my running quota to 2 or 3 runs a week.

Walking. I mentioned this in my Life Update post, but because my job is so close to where I live, I can just walk to work! It has been a little windy (added resistance training lol), but overall it has been so nice to get my legs moving on my way to and from work. My walk to work is an uphill walk, so I like to pretend like this is cardio.

While I am glad that I’m walking to work, I would like to be getting a little bit more cardio into my routine (I do take a cardio pilates class but still) aside from my one run a week, so that’s something I’ll be trying to squeeze into my routine in the next little bit. Stay tuned for my next update!

Pilates. Again, as I mentioned in my Life Update post, I have started working part-time as a pilates studio. I do get free classes as a benefit of my job, and I end up taking pilates once or twice a week.

Pilates was not part of my original workout plan for 2018, but I have already seen the benefits of it after only 3 weeks. Pilates is one of the few forms of exercise that leaves my abs sore TO THEIR CORE (even those lower abs where all my macaroni and cheese goes!!). It is just a totally different workout to anything else I do, and does an amazing job of engaging different muscles. I also love that pilates places emphasis on strengthening and lengthening your muscles– something I definitely can benefit from. I have loved adding pilates as a resistance workout to help me lengthen and tone my body.


Overall, I would say I am really happy with my current workout mix. The variety of exercise has made a difference in toning my muscles, rather than just building them up or making me look like a noodle (which is what I tend to look like if I only do cardio). I do want to incorporate more cardio into my routine, but in the meantime I am just enjoying having an actual workout routine!

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