5 Places I’m Dying to Visit

I haven’t had a vacation in a while– in fact, the last time I traveled was in December to visit my bestie, Bec. Therefore, I’ve been itching to travel.

With my new job, my time off is limited for a few months. But once summer hits and I have some time off, Sam and I are planning on going on a little vacation. We agreed to not do birthdays or Valentine’s Day (both our birthdays and Valentine’s Day are within a 12 day period), and decided that we would rather go somewhere together that we’ve never been.

For our next trip, the vibe we’re aiming for is RELAXING. We both like exercising and being outside, so we want to go somewhere where we can hike and explore, but also chill and lounge. Here are some of the places we’re looking at!


Asheville, North Carolina. I have been to Asheville and I LOVED it. It’s the perfect mix of mountains and city. We like this spot because there’s lots of opportunities to explore nature, but we could also venture into Asheville and walk around the amazing shops that are there! Plus, it would be a short and inexpensive flight. This one would be really good for a shorter 3-5 day vacation.

Charleston, South Carolina. Charleston is another city that I love. I have also been to Charleston, but Sam hasn’t. In Charleston there is amazing food, beaches, and lots of cute stuff to explore. Also, one of my oldest and dearest friends lives here, so seeing her would be an added bonus! This is another one that would be good for a little mini-vacation.

Banff, Alberta, Canada. I recently discovered this location and fell in love with the idea of visiting. Banff is like, Canadian Iceland. There’s hot springs, the aurora, skiing, hiking, you name it. It is pretty rural but I think this would be an awesome spot to get away and truly relax. Seriously, Google this place, it looks beautiful.

Chiang Mai, Thailand. A couple people I know have been to Chiang Mai and have loved it for its versatility. It’s sort of like Asheville in that you can explore the city or explore nature. I think this would be a really cool place, plus it’s got the warm, sunny weather I am looking for! This one I think we would reserve for when it’s colder here in Maryland so we can get a little sun break.

Somewhere in Central America. I know this is vague, but it is the idea that I’m most into at the moment. I’ve been browsing Airbnb and have seen TONS of really adorable cottages, treehouses, etc. in Central America that look AMAZING and are very reasonably priced. This type of trip would be a true adventure, going somewhere a little less well-known and a little less developed and just really getting to relax and chill by a beach.


So there’s my list of possible vacation destinations at the moment! Obviously there are TONS more places I want to go, but for the type of trip we’re looking for (a relaxing, adventure-type vacation), these spots look amazing. In the future, I may make a list of my ultimate top 10 dream spots. These range in price and distance from us, so this will definitely be a tough decision!! What do you think, where should we go first?


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